New Arrivals

'The perfume is the messenger of what we choose to reveal (Jean-Paul Guerlain, 2010)'

About us

France is equated to a lot of highly notable and world-renowned things. For one, the French perfume is undisputedly considered the best in its industry. In fact, the art of perfumes runs deep into the French history.

Having lived in France for almost 30 years, I have indulged myself in countless of French perfumes. Grateful to this opportunity, I have an array of my own personal favorites over the years, sticking to the ones that stay very fresh on my skin until the end of the day. Indeed, I can say that a French’s unique beauty and personality have been enhanced further by these perfumes.

Having experienced this, I believe that now is the perfect time for me to introduce these wonderful scents, and share the high quality perfumes of France to the Philippines.

Through Madame and Monsieur Romantique, an on-line shopping, Filipinos will be able to enjoy the wide and high quality selections of French savoir-faire (know-how) products. These have been carefully selected by my team to suit the special needs of our countrymen within easy reach and at affordable prices.

Think of Madame and Monsieur Romantique as the expression of the cultural link between the Filipinos and the French. It hopes to bring the best perfume products of France to the country where I grew up and have loved all these years.

May you, our clientele, enjoy the French perfume products we have lined up for you. And as you try our scents, we say in French, “La France à fleur de peau", which simply means : "a touch of France on your skin.”