Record attendance in 2018 for the Louvre Museum

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The Louvre museum welcomed more than 10 millions visitors in 2018 !

In 2017, the Louvre was already the most visited museum in the world (8,1 million visitors).
But the National Museum of China was just behind with 8 million admissions...
With a rise of 25% in 2018, the Louvre received an impressive 10.2 million visitors.

The large courtyard of the Louvre museum in Paris

It is a great pride for the museum that has invested nearly 60 million euros in the last two years to better accommodate visitors.
It is true that the queues at the entrance were really a major problem for access to the buildings...
The possibility of buying an entrance ticket on the museum's website solved this problem.

25% of visitors are French and 75% come from other countries : USA (1,5 million visitors), China (almost 1 million) etc...
The demonstrations of yellow vests in December have fortunately not disrupted the visits.
A very encouraging sign for the future is that the average age of visitors is young : 50% are under 30.

The inverted pyramid under the Louvre courtyard

The Louvre with its many collections is a fabulous tourist destination !
An inverted pyramid under the courtyard of the Louvre creates an attraction among luxury shops (perfumes and others...).
This reconcile a cultural tour and luxury shopping.


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