The cosmetics market in France

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Cosmetics have a significant economic weigth in France.

The French spend almost a third (32%) of their household budget on cosmetics.
It was only 9% in 1960...

Cosmetics consist of 7 families of products :

  • beauty and care represent 26% of sales
  • perfumery (21%)
  • hygiene (21%)
  • hairstyle (14%)
  • makeup (9%)
  • dental hygiene (7%)
  • baby hygiene (3%)

Hairstyle and makeup

Everyone knows the big global companies... but more of 80% of the companies are small or medium-sized.
All these companies directly employ 55,000 persons, and we must add more than 25,000 indirect jobs (manufacture of bottles, perfume plant producers...).

Of course we must also take into account all jobs related to distribution.
There are for example 8,000 beauty institutes in France and more than 60,000 hairdressers... plus spas, pharmacies and other outlets.
All in all, the welfare and beauty economy includes 70,000 establishments and about 170,000 jobs.

Perfumes and flowers


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